Pre-Conference Day

Day 1

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Questions like: 
  • What information is actually expected on product labels in the EU?
  • How much evidence do we need to substantiate our claims?
  • Where do we encompass safety assessments and remain cost-effective?
Expect to be a part of intellectual discussion:
  • Using hands-on projects to understand the legislation behind EU labelling for cost effective compliance
  • Look at practical examples to clarify the proof and evidence required to substantiate claims in the EU
  • Gain a clear picture of how to incorporate safety assessments in to  labelling procedures  through focussed discussion
Tamsin Worrad
Senior Regulatory Affairs Officer
Teva Pharmaceuticals

1:00 PM The Elephant in the Room: REACH; Putting the Lessons Learnt From 2010 & 2013 into Practice for the 2018 Deadline and Beyond

Barry Podd , Former Associate Director of Global Regulatory Affairs, Kimberly Clark

Questions like:
  • How do we assess our REACH needs from both the EU and Global perspectives?
  • How can we benefit from existing REACH registrations?
  • How can we remain cost-effective whilst complying with REACH within the impending deadline?
  • What processes can we adapt to maximise efficiency at minimal cost?
Expect to be a part of a robust intellectual discussion:
  • Interactive discussion focus on the impact of REACH globally
  • Sharing best practice on cost-effective methods to stay compliant with REACH whilst capitalising on productivity
  • Working with customers, suppliers and others in the supply chain to promote compliance and champion the safety of our products

Barry Podd
Former Associate Director of Global Regulatory Affairs
Kimberly Clark
Questions like:
  • How can we understand the testing processes for raw materials vs finished products?
  • What can we do to address the growing concerns around animal testing?
  • Why is label translation so important in this market and what are the regulations around it?
Join us for:
  • Gaining clarity on the detail: understanding the finer points of the more perplexing areas of Chinese regulation to gauge the necessary tests only to cut costs
  • Hands on case studies to challenge our understanding of animal testing and how it affects the global market
  • Discussing best practice for label translation in the multi-lingual market and be in the know of regulatory updates 
You will also get the chance to:
  • Gain understanding on Chinese Policies crucial to entering and growing in the market
  • Discuss your most pressing concerns around the Chinese market and deliberate over ways to tackle these
  • Utilise best practice within your business through this tailored learning approach