Speaker Information

 Raoul Perfitt
Raoul Perfitt Managing Director Herb UK
20 years after joining Herb UK, Raoul tells us about the Natural & Organic Hair products business he now runs, and the journey they have been on from £100k to £5m pa and how big a part cosmetic compliance had to play. A specialist in Californian Legislation, CARB and experience in Chinese legislation. The business was started in 1990, and Raoul joined in 1994, as one of the three Owners/Directors. Raoul guided the product development and innovation of the product range within numerous brands, ensuring ethical stance of the company was maintained.

Conference Day One

5:20 PM California’s Legislation: Underlining the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the Consequences of incorrect Submission

  • Deconstructing the CARB consumer product emissions survey to understand what is expected
  • Exploring how CARB data is used and the impact this has on product compliance
  • Limiting the impacts of product recall by developing strategies to tackle Californian Legislation
  • A look at the consequences and results of submission and how to overcome the regulatory challenges associated