Speaker Information

 Colleen Harte
Colleen Harte Founder & Creative Director Lucy Annabella Organics
Colleen was inspired to create Lucy Annabella Organics when she realised that ‘being organic’ is as much about what we put on our body as what we put into it.
Colleen is a Complementary Therapist and Clinical Aromatherapist who had been an organic health enthusiast for along time and lives by the ethos that ‘Our health is paramount to our happiness’. Colleen had a private practice for 10 years where is specialized in complementary therapy with a client specialist of terminal cancer care and fertility care. 
This professional experience coupled with her extensive knowledge gained while studying abroad led Colleen to combine all aspects of her life’s loves and purse her passion, to formulate and blend beautifully organic ingredients and share them.
Colleen named her company after the pet title given to her by her Grandfather.  She felt something bestowed on her with such love was so appropriate for her precious gift to you. 

Conference Day One

8:40 AM Case Study: An SME’s Perspective on Maximising Organic Growth in the EU Market

  • From home-made to global: the underlying reasons for tackling EU Cosmetic Compliance
  • Cost-efficient routes of tackling the challenges of cosmetic compliance as an SME
  • The regulatory  obstacles encountered and how we overcame them within budget
  • Maximising growth in the EU market whilst saving costs